Patron, the ultra-premium tequila that revolutionized the white spirits category, has created the Patron Cocktail Lab, a platform for crowd-sourced drinks. As a company that has long recognized the talents of those that are passionate about flavor and quality, the Patron Cocktail Lab is an extension of Patron's philosophy of perfection. Hosted within Facebook, the site encourages dialogue and sharing by asking visitors to re-think the elements that comprise the perfect cocktail.

The "Patron Margarita, Deconstructed," is the first monthly challenge that will pit cocktail lovers against each other. Utilizing the perfect margarita recipe as inspiration, and three versions of the margarita created by top mixologists, Patron asks visitors to re-imagine America's number one cocktail in their own, unique way.

"Patron has long been the tequila of choice for discerning drinkers who value the entire drink experience, from cocktail creation to composition and everything thereafter," says Jennifer Long, Brand Director for Patron Spirits. "By leveraging a social networking site like Facebook, we are able to provide our loyalists access to share and build drink ideas. We are excited to see what happens when we give them full reign over Patron's extraordinary portfolio of tequila expressions."

Professional mixologists will be tapped to provide expert advice, commentary and tips on each submitted cocktail. The drink that receives the most votes at the culmination of each challenge will become an official Patron cocktail featured on the Patron website. Additionally, winners will receive exclusively curated gifts from Patron to celebrate their cocktail creations, and top participants will earn entry into exclusive Patron events.

The Patron Cocktail Lab will kick off with the "Patron Margarita, Deconstructed" challenge, with additional challenges to follow including the "Patron Greenmarket" challenge and the "Patron Salt Concierge" challenge.

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