Partida Tequila Launches Limes 4 Life Sweepstake

Partida Tequila has launched the world's first Limes 4 Life Sweepstakes. Partida announced that on October 11 one lucky winner will be selected to receive a lifetime supply of sweet, delicious limes. In a press conference held in a local lime grove, a company spokesman stated, “We want to help our loyal supporters get their party started right and fight scurvy while we’re at it.”

To enter, participants must be 21 or older, have no allergic reaction to vitamin C, live in the United States (in an eligible state), “Like” the Partida Tequila Facebook Page and complete the Limes 4 Life Sweepstakes form. If the lucky winner already has a lime tree, or limited storage space, Partida will offer a trip for two to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico instead.

"We are thrilled by the excitement surrounding our Limes 4 Life sweepstakes and we are proud to support Team Lime in the battle for citrus supremacy. I mean, who wants an orange or a lemon in their Tequila?” said Phil Green, Director of Garnishings.

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