Partida Tequila Launch Marketing Campaign: Bad Tequila Blows

Earlier this week Partida Tequila kicked off their brand new online marketing campaign, 'Bad Tequila Blows', through their website and social networks. The text and accompanying video lay particular focus on how poor tequila will often leave the drinker with horrible, twisted facial expressions, flared nostrils, rippling cheeks and clenched teeth. Or as the 'Tequila Institute' like to call it, 'Shitty Tequila Face'.

Worth noting is that Partida appear to be taking shot at Patron, the 'Leading Brand' featured in the campaign video. For obvious reasons the label and name of Patron is neither seen nor mentioned, but the unmistakable shape of the bottle is there for anyone who knows their tequila. Hopefully Patron have the decency to take it all in their stride.

For the full marketing blurb, as well as their research data, be sure to check out the full article.

The Tequila Institute

Partida was recently asked to participate in a study organized by the Tequila Institute. The Institute hoped to understand the specific affects that drinking tequila has on the face; namely why so many tequilas leave the drinker with horrible, twisted facial expressions.

This condition is very concerning to the researchers at the Institute. While it is usually temporary, they note that most tequila drinkers return to the same tequila, time after time, leaving them with the same severe “face-uglification” effect.

According to the Tequila Institute, the scientific term for this condition is “shitty tequila face” (we are pretty sure that’s Latin).

The Institute, however, was unable to detect any occurrence of this condition when their test subjects consumed Partida. Unsure of this conclusion, they even invested in more sensitive, high-speed equipment to better understand the phenomenon of “shitty tequila face.” These are their findings.