After filming on location in London and across Mexico, Olmeca Tequila is proud to launch the Olmeca Altos Short Films. Beautifully shot and with a dynamic and contemporary feel, the series of five documentaries feature Henry Besant and Dre Masso as they travel through the origins of Tequila to tell us about its unique production; they also take a look at modern uses of the Agave plant and the tezontle stone, before returning to London to observe how the category has affected the vibrant bar scene.

Over the next few weeks we'll be bringing you the other short films from Olmeca Altos documentaries. This week we're kicking off with the first two in the series, Los Altos and 100% Agave.

The first film Los Altos explores the origin of Olmeca Altos, and explains why the famous tierra roja helps to cultivate the finest Tequila in the world.  It also meets with proud locals from across Los Altos region, as well as visiting the eponymous town of Tequila.

The second film 100% Agave follows Henry and Dre as they talk to the jimadores who harvest the plants used for Olmeca Altos 100% Agave Tequila.  They also explore modern uses of Agave in cooking and fashion.

Be sure to come back to the site in the coming weeks for the next videos in the series TahonaMaster Distiller and Coming Home.

You can of course stay up to date with all the films, as well as all other things Olmeca, through the Olmeca You Tube channel.