After filming on location in London and across Mexico, Olmeca Tequila is proud to launch the Olmeca Altos Short Films. Beautifully shot and with a dynamic and contemporary feel, the series of five documentaries feature Henry Besant and Dre Masso as they travel through the origins of Tequila to tell us about its unique production; they also take a look at modern uses of the Agave plant and the tezontle stone, before returning to London to observe how the category has affected the vibrant bar scene.

We've reached the end of our journey and with it the fifth and final episode of the Olmeca Altos Short Films: Bringing It Home. Bringing It Home travels from Mexico, where the guys meet the country's most recognised bartender, to high-end bars in London, where local top bartenders share Olmeca Altos cocktail recipes, and discuss how perceptions of Tequila are continuously evolving.

Hopefully these videos have proven both interesting and entertaining.