Creating a new sensation of enjoyment, Fuego Fino Inc. is introducing Sicario "S" Tequila to the world. Sicario "S" Tequila is the only 100 proof, 100 % Agave, organic tequila that is kosher certified. The one of a kind liquor goes above and beyond its competition by enduring a triple distillation process. Distillation is imperative when making tequila because it draws out impurities, leaving the liquor concentrated and pure. While S. Tequila's competition only does this process twice, one can taste the difference in the product.

If you've yet to hear of S. Tequila, it has been taking the media by storm on social sites such as Twitter @SicarioTequila. Promoting the brand with some of the hottest models, one can say the "S" stands for sexy, smooth and seductive. However, the "S" actually stands for Sicario, which is a Spanish word for "hit man". The fact that the company is 100% Mexican American owned and operated, may have something to do with the cool name.

Sicario "S" Tequila has a national tour planned to promote the liquor, so it will be reaching a city near you sooner than you think. In the meantime check out the website to meet the sexy spokes models, watch behind the scenes footage of the photo shoots, and take a look at mixed drink recipes listed on their blog section. In addition, learn how to play some fun drinking games by accessing the mobile version of their site from your mobile phone.

Source: 24-7 pressrelease