Montalvo Tequila Plata - Finalist in the 2013 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Earlier today we reported on the success of various tequila brands in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2013. Montalvo Tequila are first out of the block with a press release to celebrate their particular success in the event. Montalvo Tequila Plata placed as a finalist in the Blanco category, having received a score of 93 points in the competition.

"Being named Finalist for the Ultimate Spirits Challenge Chairman's Trophy is a great honor for Montalvo Tequila, and we are grateful to have received such a fantastic score from a prestigious group of judges," said Montalvo Tequila’s CEO Alex Viecco. "We are especially proud of Montalvo’s exceptional level of quality, as we take great care to handcraft the tequila from start to finish, beginning with the selection of only the finest Lowland agaves.”

More information, and strangely a lot of legalese about 'Forward Looking Statements', can be found in the full press release