Mejor Tequila Company, LLC, has partnered with Badger Liquor Company, Inc., to bring excitement back to the tequila category by making the finest in ultra-premium tequila – Mejor Tequila – available to Wisconsin consumers starting November 1, 2010. Working with Badger, Mejor continues its ascent within the tequila market by focusing on what really matters most ... quality and micro-batch production. As consumers awaken to the reality of ultra-premium tequila and its increasing availability, Mejor is uniquely poised to offer a tequila experience second-to-none. From hand-selected estate-grown agave through masterful distillation and advanced proprietary conditioning processes, to the final sophisticated stature of its packaging, Mejor tequila is a quality-focused product of impeccable character.

To the excitement of many in Wisconsin, Mejor also brings its highly sought after pink tequila, which has received notable praise for its truly one of a kind chic styling and ultra smooth nature. As a sexed-up version of Mejor's incredibly smooth agave-sweet blanco, Mejor pink is quickly becoming the go-to tequila for women and non-traditional ultra-premium tequila consumers looking for a spirit that makes a true fashion-forward statement.

Mejor tequilas have received many highly respected awards and honors over the past two years, including its latest run of gold medals from the 2010 Beverage Tasting Institute review for each of Mejor's blanco, reposado, and añejo offerings.

Mejor Tequila Company and Badger Liquor Company will be working closely together to ensure that every consumer in Wisconsin who expects only the finest in tequila, at a remarkably good price, will have an opportunity to enjoy the Mejor experience at their retailer of choice.