Mejor Tequila Company, LLC, continues to show remarkable success in the often over-crowded tequila market by providing what has been called “the truest representation of pure agave character available in tequila.” Mejor markets its tequilas as the original “modern luxury tequila,” and has the distinguished recognition to back it up ... Mejor Reposado Tequila – Double Gold Medal 2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Best of Class 2009 New York Spirits Awards (NYSA); and Mejor Blanco Tequila – Best of Class 2009 NYSA, among others. Also, Mejor Pink Tequila – a chic presentation of the same award-winning Mejor Blanco Tequila – offers a posh alternative for those seeking the highest quality tequila with a trendsetting style.

Tequila lovers and general spirit aficionados alike are taking notice of Mejor tequila’s superb quality, causing them to experience a quite pleasurable re-awakening of the senses and most importantly a rekindling of their often faded fondness of tequila. As a result, Mejor Tequila Company is keenly aware of the explosive increase in demand and has geared import and production activities accordingly, while taking every step necessary to ensure that every drop of Mejor tequila is absolutely extraordinary.

As the availability of Mejor tequila continues to spread geographically, tequila consumers will have more opportunity to purchase in their locality. For instance, the ultra-premium modern luxury Mejor tequilas are now available at Costco Wholesale stores in Northern California. Also, Mejor Tequila Company is actively negotiating distribution partnerships to ensure that tequila lovers in both California and beyond will have convenient access to the one and only modern luxury tequila of unparalleled smoothness and sophistication that is Mejor tequila.

Mejor Tequila encourages all who love tequila to “choose better” ... choose mejor.

Source: Businesswire