Geography and discerning taste has made Arizona a destination for fine tequila and those who appreciate the same. However, in recent years the huge influx of humdrum, mass-produced artisan-style tequilas has muddied the tequila, so to speak. Even in the tequila mecca of Arizona, folks continue to seek a tequila that truly exhibits ultra-premium quality. Fortunately, Mejor Tequila has now arrived in Arizona to redefine the true ultra-premium standard.

Mejor Tequila Company, LLC, has partnered with Frank-Lin Beverage Group of Arizona, Inc. for the distribution of what has been described as the best in aroma, taste, finish and most importantly, uncompromising quality. Mejor’s rapidly growing popularity is attributed in part to its anti-mass production philosophy, which allows ample time for proprietary finishing processes to remove impurities others leave behind. Simply stated, Mejor believes in excess of quality versus economy of scale.

Not only is Mejor Tequila strictly micro-batched, but it is also distinguished through use of only hand-selected single-estate-grown agave, masterful distillation, advanced proprietary conditioning processes and its presentation in sophisticated packaging worthy of its character. Mejor Tequila is a true quality-focused, detail-oriented product of impeccable character, and those who know and appreciate tequila are taking notice.

Mejor tequilas have received many highly respected awards and honors over the past two years, including its latest run of gold medals from the 2010 Beverage Tasting Institute review for each of Mejor's blanco, reposado, and añejo offerings. Also, the unique Mejor Pink Tequila -- a sexed-up version of Mejor's incredibly smooth agave-sweet blanco -- is quickly becoming the go-to tequila for women and non-traditional tequila consumers looking for a spirit that makes a true fashion-forward statement.

Mejor officially launches in Arizona at the Phoenix Tequila Fest starting December 11, 2010. Mejor Tequila Company and Frank-Lin will be working closely together to ensure that every consumer in Arizona, who expects only the finest in tequila, at a remarkably good price, will have an opportunity to enjoy the Mejor experience at their retailer of choice.