Lunazul Primero Available in the United States

Lunazul Tequila have today announced in a press release that their Lunazul Primero Tequila Anejo, filtered eight times to achieve a crystal clear colour, is now available across the United States. Details of this clear anejo first appeared on Lunazul's website in February this year.

“Lunazul Primero reflects the growing passion for variety among Tequila consumers,” said Reid Hafer, Senior Brand Manager, Lunazul Tequila. “Whether it is aging, proof or filtering, Tequila offerings are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Primero delivers on the cutting-edge of innovation with incredible quality.”

Lunazul Primero now marks the sixth entry of a so called 'clarified' tequila to market. Whether you're a fan or not of this trend, it appears that the brands themselves see enormous value here.

The full press release can of course be read in the main article.