Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd., a leading developer and marketer of beverage products, announced today that its award winning KAH® Tequila brand has successfully launched a mixed 50ml pack which included one KAH® Blanco, one KAH® 110 Proof Reposado and one KAH® Anejo. The KAH® mini mixed pack allows retailers to offer one of each of the award winning premium KAH® Tequila selections.

Drinks Americas began selling KAH® Tequila in September of 2011, and since that time has expanded the brand to 47 states and several international markets. Distributors and retailers began requesting the mixed mini pack earlier this year. The complete KAH® Tequila series will also be available in a decorative gift pack for the holidays. Currently, the Company has orders for over two thousand cases of KAH minis, which are enjoying sales success in both retail and on premise outlets.

About Drinks Americas

Drinks Americas develops, owns, markets, and nationally distributes alcoholic premium beverages. In June 2011, the Company entered into a sales, distribution and licensing agreement with Worldwide Beverage Imports, LLC and is now selling and distributing KAH® Tequila, Agave 99® Tequila, Rio Bravo Beer, Crazy Pig Mexican Ale and Chili Devil Beer. The Company also markets Willie Nelson's Old Whiskey River Bourbon, Olifant Vodka, receives a royalty for Kid Rock's American Badass Beer and Damiana Mexican Liqueur, and owns and distributes Rheingold Beer.

For further information, please visit us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/KahTequila and on our new websites at www.drinksamericas.com and www.rheingoldbrewingcompany.com.