Pura Vida Tequila Company, LLC proudly announced today that William "Ashley" Burnette will serve as its President and Chief Operations Officer. With decades of experience in the liquor industry, Mr. Burnette has emerged as a strategic visionary who is now leading the only adult beverage company in the U.S. market providing consumers with an ultra-premium tequila at under $30 -- not to mention what fellow investor and Rock-and-Roll Hall of Famer, Billy F. Gibbons (ZZ TOP) calls "The World's Best Damn Tequila."

"Ashley brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Pura Vida and we are thrilled to have him on board," says Stewart Skloss, founder and chairman of Pura Vida Tequila Company, LLC. "He is a dynamic visionary and Pura Vida will benefit greatly from his leadership, direction, grit and expertise. He has worked with and grown many of the leading brands in the industry today and brings hands-on strategic experience with an emphasis on expanding beverage businesses in both existing and emerging markets -- most especially in California." Pura Vida launched into the California market in November 2011.

Mr. Burnette's areas of expertise include: Distribution Strategy, New Business Development, Sales and Marketing Management, and Organizational Excellence. His 22 years of experience at Young's Market Company ultimately garnered him the title of Executive Vice President of Marketing and Internal Operations where he successfully developed and launched 100s of new products. Most recently he was President and CEO of Stir Media Group, a trade marketing/sales initiative developed with Young's Market Company. "We have no doubt Ashley will propel Pura Vida's already stellar rate of success to the next level," added Skloss.

"I am thrilled to be a part of the Pura Vida team," said Burnette. "This is a great operation run by truly dynamic individuals. The endorsement that Pura Vida has collected among celebrities, music industry moguls, and professional athletes demonstrates the ability that this brand has to create a following. It is truly a quality product."

Pura Vida Tequila currently operates in the Texas and California markets with a line of Ultra-Premium tequilas in three expressions: Silver, Gold and Añejo. Pura Vida will soon release yet another sophisticated expression, the Ultra-Premium Extra Añejo Tequila. Pura Vida will be available in Arizona, Hawaii, Mexico and Nevada within the next 60 days.