Herradura Announce 'Barrel Art Collection' Winner

After a nationwide contest to find the most artistic and inspiring barrel art creation from 80 uniquely handcrafted pieces of art, Tequila Herradura awarded a $100,000 cash prize to Micah and Whitney Stansell from Atlanta

The idea for Micah & Whitney Stansell's piece titled "Look Inside, 2013" came after they spent time with the barrel and therefore, started thinking about the barrel as a utilitarian object rather than an aesthetic object. Then they struck upon the idea to create the work on the inside of the barrel and keep the outside unchanged with a marquee sign including a simple call to action: "look inside". The art drew parallels – aesthetic and historic with the art of making tequila. Part of their work was to pay homage to early cinema with a zoetrope, and serendipitously they were able to reference Herradura elements such as the agave and the horseshoe.