Former Patron Tequila Executive To Proceed With $45 Million Claim

It's been a while since there was a legal battle in the world of tequila, but it appears that the folks at Patron will be putting in an appearance at the Santa Monica Superior Court in the not too distant future to answer allegations of a breach of contract and fraud claim against the company and its owner, John Paul DeJoria.

The information surrounding the case states that, after the death of Patron’s founder Martin Crowley, John Paul DeJoria had made promises to former Patron Tequila Executive Ajendra Singh  that if he stayed at the company and oversaw the construction and operation of Patron’s new tequila factory in Mexico he would be receive an equity bonus based on the increased value of the company. This never came to be.

Singh achieved a complete victory in the Court of Appeal overturning an original ruling of the trial court’s grant of summary judgment and its disqualification of Singh’s trial counsel, allowing the case to move forward.