FindTheBest, an unbiased data-driven comparison engine, just released the Smart Badges for the highest rated alcoholic beverages—beers, brandy, champagne, wine, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, and whiskey— just in time for all your holiday hosting!

The Smart Rating is a single score based on a combination of trusted industry ratings and expert reviews for a particular product or service. The Smart Rating for alcoholic beverages is based on features such as origin, calories, alcohol content, brand name and more.

While a top Smart Rating signifies consistent, positive ratings across the board, FindTheBest's Smart Badge program highlights the leader in every industry.

Any alcoholic beverage in the top ten Smart Rated List below may claim their Smart Badge directly from their listing on

So, what tequila should you be picking up?

  1. El Tesoro de Don Felipe Anejo Tequila
  2. Espolon Tequila Anejo
  3. Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado
  4. Orgullo Anejo Tequila
  5. Tequila Blu Reposado Tequila
  6. El Tequileno Platino Tequila
  7. Magave Anejo Tequila
  8. Casa Noble Single Barrel Extra Anejo Tequila
  9. Rey Sol Extra-Aged Anejo Tequila
  10. Tequila Cinco Blancos Anejo Tequila


FindTheBest is an unbiased, data-driven comparison engine. We organize and present data in a consumer-friendly format so that you can make quick and informed decisions based on what's important to you.

Source: FindTheBest