el Jimador Tequila, the authentic 100 percent real agave tequila, announces the launch of its first iPhone application, “100% Party Planner”. Designed by Draftfcb to accompany mobile adults through every step of planning a celebration, the free application is now available for download through Apple’s App Store, just use the search term el Jimador.


“With people entertaining at home now more than ever, we understand our consumers’ desire to create a unique experience that their guests will truly enjoy,” said Carrie Kleban, global marketing director for Casa Herradura Tequilas. “With that in mind, we worked with Draftfcb Chicago to develop an application that makes the planning process approachable and helps consumers along every step, whether it is choosing a theme or selecting a cocktail menu, regardless of where they are. We’re excited to be the first tequila brand to offer adults such a comprehensive and relevant iPhone app.”

Perfectly aligned with the brand’s recently re-launched Web site, www.elJimador.com, and Facebook page, www.facebook.com/eljimador, the application is comprised of themed sections – Plan a Party, Recipes, Party +, and Jimador Finder – that let adults make the most out of their event. Features include social media connectivity that allows users to invite their friends to their gathering directly through a tailored Facebook event; suggestions on party themes such as “Paloma Friday”, “el Jimador Jam” and “Tequila Tailgate Kick Off”; a comprehensive collection of el Jimador-based cocktails; and a Google Maps-enabled product locator that informs adults of el Jimador’s availability in their neighborhood.

Additionally, the el Jimador “100% Party Planner” application can help hosts keep the fun going during the actual event with its Twitter-friendly ‘Spin the Bottle’ game; list of pick-up lines; authentic Mexican toasts; and Español 101 features. Furthermore, it includes a Cab Finder tool to ensure attendees arrive home safely.

“Throughout the design process, we kept in mind our ultimate goal: to ensure that consumers could count on ‘100% Party Planner’ as a tool at the very moment when they are ready to plan a party, allowing them to be the architects of real celebrations. Every page reflects the spirit of real tequila and of the el Jimador brand, from the black-and-white graphics featuring icons that represent tequila history and production process, to the drink recipes highlighting the spirit’s mixability,” said Liz Drouin from Draftfcb.