Dulce Vida, the world's only certified USDA organic, 100 Proof tequila, announces the release of its "Lone Star Edition" anejo tequila. This vintage anejo has been aged in Garrison Brother's Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey barrels, making this limited edition anejo an exceptional and flavourful tequila.

"As an artisan distiller of fine, handcrafted tequilas, we are pleased to announce this 600 case, limited edition anejo," stated Richard Sorenson, Founder & CEO of Dulce Vida Spirits. "What makes our Lone Star Edition special is the personality gained from the aging in once-used Garrison Brother's bourbon barrels. Garrison Brothers makes the finest craft bourbon available and is recognized nationally as a bold, proud, and authentic bourbon. We're honored to partner-up with the folks at Garrison to pioneer advances in craft spirits, lending to the tequila consumer's overall experience."

According to Dan Garrison, proprietor and distiller at Garrison Brothers Distillery, "Our bourbon barrels are handmade to our specifications - extra thick staves, toasted first and then charred to our proprietary specifications, and then they soak in our rich bourbon under the Texas sun for years before we set them free. It's good to know they can still have such a profound effect on this delicious anejo tequila. The first four cases I can find are mine."

Source: Dulce Vida Tequila

"What we have done with this edition is create an extension of our true craft brand identity at a price that most can afford," states Chris Cain, Director of Sales & Marketing. You will be absolutely amazed at what great flavors, textures and aromas this small cooperage aging has imparted on our already exceptional tequila."

Dulce Vida's Lone Star Edition Anejo will be available November 1st in Texas with a suggested retail price of $75.