DeLeón Tequila again surpasses all competition in the World Beverage Competition, the world’s largest competitive beverage competition

From the exclusive world of DeLeón Tequila comes a new pinnacle in the DeLeón portfolio: DeLeón Tequila Añejo. This aged expression joins siblings DIAMANTE and REPOSADO as a Grand Prize winner in the World Beverage Competition. Recently released in New York, Los Angeles, Aspen and Las Vegas, the DeLeón Tequila Anejo also won Best in Show at the WBC.

Outside, the Añejo bottle and packaging embody an elegant hard edge, with a sophisticated hand-wrapped leather box, cut-glass bottle and gold-finished cap. The aging process for the tequila consists of 17 months in French Oak Haute Futaie fully grown timber barrels and then finished in French Sauternes barrels from the most revered winemakers of our time.

Renowned industry critic Robert Haynes-Peterson from The Examiner says, “On the nose, you're caressed by notes of butterscotch, mild wood, and black cherry. On the mouth, it is so round and velvet-smooth, you may swear off your favorite single malt or VSOP Cognac. The spirit is exquisitely balanced, with hints of soft butter and white butter on the approach, and a mild, sweet jalapeno finish that leaves you craving the next sip.”

DeLeón Añejo comes from the world of luxury visionary and finance veteran, Brent Hocking, the company’s founder and CEO. He oversees the crafting of his product at a family-owned agave field and distillery in Purísima del Rincon, Guanajuato, Mexico, one of the few states outside Jalisco allowed to produce 100% Blue Weber Tequila. The town name literally translates to “The Purest of the Corner” and was named after the Immaculate Conception.

The World Beverage Competition is a member of the World Trade organization and complies with all international law. With over 10,000 entries and over 30 countries, it is recognized as the most Prestigious Beverage Competition in the world.

Source: Business Wire