The Casa Noble Santana Crystal and Reposado Collector Boxes go on sale this summer – just in time for Father's Day! These gift sets celebrate Santana's first four albums, Santana (1969), Abraxas (1970), Santana III (1971), Caravanserai (1972), all considered cornerstones of the musical legacy of Santana making them a natural fit with Casa Noble's Crystal and Reposado tequilas, the most awarded products in Casa Noble's history of superior quality, handcrafted luxury tequilas. Each gift box includes two beautiful tulip glasses with the album artwork and a bottle of either Casa Noble's Crystal or Reposado tequila. There are four collectible glasses in total – two in the Crystal gift set and two in the Reposado gift set; buy both bottles to get the whole set. These glasses are a superb addition to your classic rock and tequila collection and to share, display or gift for an upcoming holiday.

"History and tradition are very important to us at Casa Noble. We have created just a few unique pieces to honor and respect the memory, the quality and the passion that both Casa Noble and Carlos Santana represent, and we are honored to embark on this promotion together," said Casa Noble CEO Jose Hermosillo.

Music icon Carlos Santana joined the Casa Noble Tequila became a part-owner in the company in 2011. This exciting change to the organization allows Santana to be involved in the continued development of the brand, which is already recognized as one of the finest handcrafted spirits in the world.

In their December 2011 issue, BusinessWeek named Casa Noble as one of the "World's Best-Tasting Tequilas," and gave their Reposado 5/5 stars. Casa Noble's tequilas are known for their delicate balance of spiciness and sweetness, with subtle vanilla, flowers, nuts and chocolate notes.

About Casa Noble

A renowned boutique distillery, Casa Noble represents the pride, passion, and quality commitment of more than 200 years and over 7 generations of tequila production. The Casa Noble family of Single Estate Organic tequilas -- Crystal, Reposado, and Anejo -- has a rich history that has earned them a position as one of the finest ultra premium spirits portfolios in the world. Casa Noble's handcrafted tequilas are exported to over 23 countries worldwide and currently available in premium retail outlets, exclusive restaurants, distinguished bars and lounges and destination hotels Nationwide in the U.S. The tequila is harvested, distilled and bottled on the private family estate that boasts over 6,500 acres of land and more than one million blue agave plants.

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