Renowned boutique tequila distillery Casa Noble has chosen to work together with Cognac, France-based Prestige French Oak barrel company Taransaud Tonnellerie in the production of their Single Estate Organic tequilas. Taransaud Tonnellerie, which has been making barrels since 1672, is one of the most renowned quality barrel makers in the world. Their master craftsmen are recognized as being among the best in France at their craft, and are revered among the best winemakers in the world who also use their barrels. With this alliance, Casa Noble has become the first and only tequila company in the world to use new Taransaud barrels to age tequila.

Taransaud's barrel stock includes different sizes to help create a wider dimensionality in the aged tequilas, which are carefully stored at Casa Noble's Barrel House in the city of Tequila, Jalisco in Mexico. The results have been phenomenal and have opened the door for the creation of the tequila world's first Single-Barrel Program. Consequently, that led Casa Noble Anejo and their Single-Barrel 5-year-old Anejo to receive the prestigious Double Gold Medal by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, as well as worldwide praise among tequila experts and aficionados alike.

The relationship between the two Prestige companies blossomed from extensive research and an initial trip to Cognac, France to visit Taransaud. Jose Hermosillo, Chairman/CEO of Casa Noble says about the visit, "We were able to experience their tour and saw the complete production process from the logs, to the making of the staves, the natural drying and the careful toasting. We immediately fell in love with the beauty and care that was put into each barrel. We began experimenting with tequila and discovered the two were a perfect combination."

"When I visited Casa Noble, in Tequila, says Jean-Pierre Giraud, Sales & Marketing Director of Taransaud Tonnellerie, I immediately felt their passion for quality, from cultivating the blue agave plants to the precise distillation process. A real partnership started and we were able to discuss about the most adapted barrel program."

These two companies are from different worlds, but the results are a pairing like no other. Aficionados have sung praises for this combination noting that the gentle toasting of the barrel compliments the spiciness and sweetness of Casa Noble's tequilas, enhancing the vanilla, flowers, nuts and chocolate notes. The philosophy of both companies can be summed up in a few words: passion, excellence, and elegance. What a perfect pair.

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Source: Casa Noble