Casa Cuervo Launch Jose Cuervo Cinge

Casa Cuervo have announced the release of a new flavoured tequila: Cinge. Jose Cuervo Cinge is Cuervo's first flavour extension since 2006. Cinge will be launched in the United States later this month and will be backed by a $10m media spend, as well as on- and off-premise promotions. The campaign will initially be launched online via social networks, but will be followed by a national campaign.

“Cuervo ’s Master Blenders have truly taken tequila to the next level. The infusion of Mexican Cinnamon and other spices match perfectly with the clean, crisp agave flavors. This blend of bold flavor, combined with the sweet and natural cinnamon sting, is going to make for an even more exciting shot occasion. The quality and character of Cuervo Cinge is in keeping with Jose Cuervo ’s tradition, and we think our fans will love this new product.”  - A spokesperson for Proximo

Jose Cuervo Cinge has a recommended retail priced of $17.99 per 750ml bottle. A TV spot (Get Stung) that accompanies the product launch can be viewed in the main article.