Beverage Industry News Selects Pura Vida Tequila as Editor's Top Pick of 2013

No stranger to awards Pura Vida Tequila is once again back in the spotlight, this time it's Beverage Industry News that have chosen to honour the brand by selecting Pura Vida Tequila Reposado as Editor's Top Pick for 2013. Pura Vida Tequilas, from the famous Vivanco Estate at NOM 1414, are all hand-crafted from estate-grown 100% Blue Weber agave and triple-distilled for exceptional smoothness and flavour.

We feel that Pura Vida Reposado really offers something special and unique to the tequila category. It represents elegance and class all while delivering a stunning flavor profile with elegant smoothness and beautiful package design - Victoria Vann, Executive Editor for BIN

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