Azunia Tequila Launches Hot New Ad in the 'Celebrate the Adventure of Life' Campaign

Azuñia Tequila have released their latest image for the "Celebrate the Adventures of Life" campaign. The ad is entitled "Alluring with Sophistication" and features a black and white shot of a 60's styled blonde eyeing up some Marshall amps a sophisticated gentleman on a couch. The ad will be published in the March edition of Playboy and features a new signature cocktail by Azuñia, Love Potion.

The "Celebrate the Adventures of Life Campaign" includes the "Legends are Made" ad featuring Bill Walton and signature drink the Walkin' Walton, "Ignite the Adrenaline" ad featuring Jim Riley's race truck and signature drink the RoadRunner, "Stimulate the Rush" featuring surfer Sunny Garcia and signature drink the Sunnylicious, "Tantalize the Senses" featuring signature drink Skinny Smooch.

For more details, the recipe, and a spot of eye-candy check out the full press release.