AsomBroso's Del Porto Tequila Now Available for Pre-Order

AsomBroso Tequila have announced that their AsomBroso Del Porto Tequila is now available for pre-order through an exclusive website. After AsomBroso's El Carbonzado expression sold out to his past clients, AsomBroso founder and master distiller, Ricardo Gamarra, derived this solution to ensure that affluent-aficionados won't be left wanting during the Christmas period.

AsomBroso Del Porto is the first 11 Year vintage double-barrelled tequila, rested 11 years in French oak then transferred and additionally rested in vintage Portuguese port barrels that Ricardo Gamarra hand-selected in Portugal and shipped to Mexico. The tequila rests in the port barrels up to one year, with periodic taste tests. Only once Ricardo deems it ready, is it bottled.

AsomBroso Del Porto is $2,800 per bottle. An additional benefit, once someone orders a bottle of AsomBroso Del Porto, Ricardo will sent them a 50 ml tasting sample so they can enjoy this "nectar of the gods" prior to the arrival of their actual bottle.

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