AsomBroso Tequila to Feature as 'Guest Star' on New George Lopez Series 'Saint George'

AsomBroso Tequila are to appear as a 'Guest Star' on the new George Lopez TV series 'Saint George' that will premiere in the United States this month. AsomBroso Tequila will be visible in the background on many of the scenes, identifiable by its unique bottle design.

Fans of AsomBroso Tequila are invited to sign up to the 'Agave Club', an online service where fans of AsomBroso Tequila can be kept up to date on the latest news and offers from the brand, by keeping track on how many times the brand appears in the premiere of 'Saint George' and emailing the company.

Full PR, as well as the necessary email address to sign up, can be found in the main article.