Artá ( announces today that it has expanded availability of its organic, small batch ultra premium tequila into Colorado. All three award-winning varietals -- Silver, Reposado and Anejo -- will now be available in bars and retail stores in key markets throughout the state.

"We're proud to introduce our unique line of ultra premium tequila to a broader audience and build on the success Artá has seen in California," said David Fox, founder and CEO. "Artá shares its best character traits with those who enjoy it most -- active, authentic and aware of the world around us. This philosophy, coupled with its outstanding quality, will have people sipping Artá in Colorado and across the country."

Artá Tequila hails from the birthplace of tequila, the small town of Urenal in the Jalisco region of Mexico. Grown on a single estate by an 11th generation rancher, the 100% Blue Weber agave is crafted by a master distiller using traditional methods.

Fox founded Artá with the goal of growing, aging and bottling the finest tequilas in the world, within an eco-friendly, community-based model. From harvesting to distillation to bottling, Artá is committed to sustainable practices. The award winning packaging design is based entirely around the use of recycled materials, including the glass, cork and bottle top. Artá also donates 1% of profits toward making life better for the communities it works in and serves. This approach honors the founders' personal ties to Mexico and its people.

About Artá
Artá Holdings was founded in 2008 by David Fox with the aim of growing, aging and bottling the finest range of tequilas in the world, and the core belief that an organization can "do good while doing well." The single estate tequila is grown in Urenal, the birthplace of tequila, and the company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Artá embodies the Art of Tequila and the Art of Life, by striving to bring people great tasting tequila that is harvested, distilled and bottled in an eco-friendly manner. Artá believes we can all enjoy top quality tequila while maintaining a better planet. The company's corporate philanthropy program, 1% Promise, will donate materials and resources to deserving charities in the places where its employees, customers and business partners live.

Artá's line of award-winning ultra premium tequila is available in three varietals: Silver, Reposado and Anejo.

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