Arta Tequila, a Colorado-owned company, have today announced that the first batch of its five-year aged Extra Añejo tequila is now available, at select retail stores throughout Colorado. One of the most unconventionally produced tequilas, Arta’s Extra Añejo is triple-barreled (three years in American white oak, then split between French cognac and Spanish sherry barrels for another two years) and ultimately reunited, taking traditional tequila aging to an art form.

“At Arta, we respect tradition but also think outside the box which has already impressed the palates of some of the most sophisticated tequila aficionados and won some coveted awards,” said Tony Mayer, owner of Arta Tequila. “Our Extra Añejo is aged for five years and our triple-barreled process creates a complexity and a bounty of aromas that simply defies convention.”