After 75 years of distilling Tequila in Arandas and selling throughout Mexico, the venerable Tequila Tapatio™ has finally arrived in the U.S.

Distiller/owner Carlos Camarena has developed cult like status with Tequila lovers. The hard to obtain Tapatio brand stands alone with its traditional Tequila flavor profile accenting the 100% Highlands Blue Agaves. Why is it so loved?

"It's the 75 year old icon of Tequila," says Eric Johnson, co-owner/ respected bartender of San Francisco's Bar Agricole. A frequent Tequila seeker, he's been waiting for years to pour it here in the U.S. "...The long wait is finally over," he said with enthusiasm as he received cases from the first delivery.

Carlos Camarena's La Altena Family Distillery distills its Tequila only from estate grown blue agaves. When Charbay's father and son team decided to distill their own Charbay Tequila, the Camarenas invited the distillers to distill with them. 

The two families shared their distilling methods. The friendship expanded into Charbay becoming the exclusive USA Importer of the Tequila Tapatio brand.

True Tequila aficionados and star bartenders make the trek to Carlos Camarena's La Altena Distillery as a right of passage into the old family world of Tequila. Many have tried for years to get Tapatio into the U.S. Finally the friendship of two distilling families opened the exporting channels.

Tapatio has an authentic spicy flavor that is disappearing in modern Tequilas. Its lore was earned with 75 years of one family's dedication to all the old traditional steps of making Tequila.

"Tapatio is one of the most stellar brands out there," says Dori Bryant, founder of 'Spirits of Mexico' events. "Each time someone asked my opinion, I'd say: GET IT - GET IT - GET IT!!!!!!!!!!"

Suggested Retail: $34 per liter bottle

Source: PR Newswire