1800 Tequila Release Limited Edition Cognac-Finished Milenio Tequila

Earlier this month marked the release of 1800 Tequila’s extra-aged, Cognac-finished evolutionary elixir: Milenio. This is the second edition of Milenio, the first of which was produced in the year 2000. 

1800 Milenio is super premium extra-aged tequila that has been finished for four months in French Cognac barrels bringing out vanilla, cinnamon and spice flavours. Milenio spares no effort, using the best of avant-garde ageing and distillation techniques.

Milenio will be available at select liquor stores beginning April 2014. 1800 Milenio Tequila will be available at liquor stores in select markets beginning May 2014 for $125.

Full press release can be found in the main article.