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  • Alacran Tequila Introduce Alacran Cristal

    Alacran Tequila Introduces Their New Alacran Cristal

    In a recent press release Autentico Tequila Alacran, more commonly referred to as Alacran Tequila, have announced that they too are poised to join the clear anejo market with the release of their new Alacran Cristal product.

    Alacran Cristal is an ultra premium anejo tequila packaged in a clear sleek looking glass bottle, each bottle is hand labeled and numbered. The tequila uses agaves from 7-10 years old harvested in the highlands of Jalisco and is matured for 14 months in American Oak barrels previously used in the production of bourbon generating a rich, woody flavor with a hint of vanilla.

    Full press release can be found in the main article

  • Jose Cuervo Tequila Celebrates 220th Anniversary With Limited Edition Metallic Bottles

    Jose Cuervo Tequila Celebrates 220th Anniversary With Limited Edition Metallic Bottles

    Jose Cuervo have announced the launch of two commemorative Jose Cuervo Especial® Gold and Silver bottles, in celebration of their 220th year. The occasion marks the release of the first limited edition Jose Cuervo Especial® bottle ever produced by the brand in its storied history. The bottles will be available for a limited time only, it is currently unclear whether this is a global release or just U.S. from the press release.

    Cuervo have also taken this moment to update their website, allowing users to select various years from the companies history and view the information, awards and branding from that particular period in time.

    Full PR after the break as well as the promotional video that accompanies the release.

  • Dulce Vida Tequila Announces Release of 5-Year Extra Añejo

    Dulce Vida Tequila Announces Release of 5-Year Extra Añejo

    Dulce Vida Organic Tequila is unveiling a very special offering this month: a 5-Year Limited Edition Extra Añejo. The tequila release commemorates the company’s 5th anniversary and will be available in the United States in November 2014. Having received over 70 prestigious accolades in only five years on the market, there has been plenty to celebrate, but on the forefront of the true craft tequila renaissance, Pura Vida felt that this anniversary deserved something extraordinary.

  • Sean "Diddy" Combs, Diageo and DELEON Tequila Primed for Luxury Tequila Takeover

    Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Diageo and DELEON Tequila Primed for Luxury Tequila Takeover

    Diageo –the global leader in beverage alcohol – and Sean Combs unveil a newly-expanded portfolio from the luxury brand, DELEON® Tequila, that brings the extraordinary product to a broader group of consumers through new Platinum and Reposado variants, starting at $60 MSRP. This launch marks the first release from the Diageo and Combs Wine & Spirits joint venture since the DELEON® Tequila acquisition was announced in January 2014.

  • Besado Tequila Flavour Recipe Approved By TTB

    Besado Tequila Flavour Recipe Approved By TTB

    Alonzo Pierce, CEO of Top Shelf Brands Holdings, has recently announced that the company received notice from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) that its Advertising, Labeling and Formulation Division (AFLD) has approved, without changes, the flavour recipe for Besado Tequila.

    The TTB requires any alcoholic beverage maker that infuses "non-traditional" ingredients into its products to submit the flavor recipe for federal approval. The recipe for Besado Tequila includes the erotic herbal stimulants Maca and Damiana as well as Ginseng. Now that the flavor recipe is approved, the AFLD will review the application for and Certification/Exemption of Label/Bottle Approval (COLA) submitted by Top Shelf Brands as the final step in the approval process.

    "Obviously we are thrilled that the TTB approved the Besado recipe as it was submitted," Pierce said. "We went to great lengths to create a recipe for a cutting edge tequila that would meet the standards for approval by the TTB."

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1800 Milenio Tequila Extra Anejo

1800 Milenio Tequila Extra Anejo

Originally released in the year 2000 to celebrate the new millennium, under the name 1800 Tequila Edicion del Nuevo Milenio, 1800 Tequila have this year (2014) released a second edition of this cognac-finished extra anejo to compete in the 'ultra-premium' market that seems to gaining consumer interest at the moment. Sporting an elegant pyramid-shaped bottle, deviating from the classic 1800 bottle design, and package in a tall rectangular box that opens in a clam style movement this tequila certainly puts out the luxury feel.


Chamucos Tequila Blanco Especial

Chamucos Tequila Blanco Especial

I get excited about most new bottles of tequila than come to the office, but from the moment this bottle of Chamucos Tequila Blanco Especial arrived I was desperate to get it open and get at that sweet agave juice inside. The quirky design of the cardboard box containing the the bottle reflects just how much thought and time has gone in to packaging alone. Adorned with a hand drawn pop-out devil (or Bogey Man if your translate Chamucos to English) you just know that if as much thought and care has gone in to the contents inside of the bottle...there is no way you could be possibly disappointed.


Tequila 30-30 Reposado

Tequila 30-30 Reposado

I have a list of tequila that I'm always looking for, I'm pretty sure most aficionados have one too. It gives me great delight to track down those bottles and finally get to review them. 30-30 just happens to be one of those tequilas. With its rustic styled bottle and an array of accolades, stretching back to 1998, it's of no surprise that it made the list.


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