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  • Sauza Tequila Invites You To Make It With a Cowboy

    Sauza Tequila Invites You To Make It With a Cowboy

    Sauza Tequila today unveiled its newest "Make It" campaign installment – "Make It With A Cowboy." After catching the eye of its female consumers with a flirtatious fireman in 2012 and a sultry lifeguard in 2013, the brand invites consumers to "Make It" again, but this time with a charming Cowboy, his trusty horse and a Sauza margarita.

    Be sure to check out the video and full press release in the main article.

  • Start the Party/Start the Partida

    Start the Party/Start the Partida

    Partida Tequila announced today the launch of their new advertising campaign – ‘Start the Party/Start the Partida’ – which encourages American consumers to enjoy Partida and have a good time. The new campaign will speak to the celebratory nature of Tequila, and play off the name Partida.

    “In every bottle of Partida lies a party untapped,” said Gary Shansby, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Partida Tequila LLC. “A Partida party can be any vibe that feels right for you; whether you’re into hanging at the beach, dancing in a club or entertaining friends at home.”

    Full PR, and the promotion video that accompanies the launch of the campaign, can be found in the main article. 

  • 3 Amigos Tequila Wins Double Gold At 2014 SFWSC

    3 Amigos Tequila Wins Double Gold At 2014 SFWSC

    In a recent press release 3 Amigos Tequila have reported on their success at the 14th annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition, where their Anejo Tequila was awarded a Double Gold Medal. They also received Bronze medals for their Blanco and Reposado expressions. This marks the second year 3 Amigos Tequila has brought home honours from the competition.

    Full PR in the main article 

  • Hornitos Tequila Launch Hornitos Black Barrel

    Hornitos Tequila Launch Hornitos Black Barrel

    Hornitos Tequila have announced the launch of their new Hornitos Black Barrel, a 100% blue agave tequila, aged through an innovative process that conveys the classic tasting notes of a whiskey.

    Triple aged to create a uniquely complex tequila with whiskey characteristics, the newest premium offering from Hornitos is aged first for 12 months in American Oak barrels before transitioning into deep charred American Oak barrels for four months. In the final ageing process, the liquid is transferred to specially-toasted American Oak barrels for two additional months to further enhance the whiskey-like notes.

    Sceptics amongst your may ask why you want your tequila to taste like whiskey...but it's picked up a few awards, most notably a Double Gold award at the San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition.

    We'll try to get our hands on a bottle to let you know what we think. For now, full PR in the main article.

  • Espolòn Tequila to Stir Things Up at 2014 MotoGP

    Espolòn Tequila to Stir Things Up at 2014 MotoGP

    Espolòn Tequila have today announced the participation of Espolòn in the FIM MotoGP World Championship for the 2014 season, where their very own Cock-A-Doodle-Crew (a not-so-subtle reference to the legendary rooster Ramon featured on the label) will be 'stirring things up'.

    “Everyone likes to be part of the team,” says Kathleen Schuart, Senior Marketing Director, White Spirits at Campari America. “Racing enthusiasts know the team in the thick of it at a race is the Pit Crew. Our Cock-A-Doodle-Crew is the pit crew with an Espolòn twist. Part track friendly swag-fest, part tequila enthusiast revelry, part not-so-secret society – the crew is a fun way to get involved and get your Moto GP on Espolòn style. We are looking forward to some spectacular duels on and off the track.”

    Full PR, as well as this year’s MotoGP signature cocktail, can be found in the main article.

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Chamucos Tequila Blanco Especial

Chamucos Tequila Blanco Especial

I get excited about most new bottles of tequila than come to the office, but from the moment this bottle of Chamucos Tequila Blanco Especial arrived I was desperate to get it open and get at that sweet agave juice inside. The quirky design of the cardboard box containing the the bottle reflects just how much thought and time has gone in to packaging alone. Adorned with a hand drawn pop-out devil (or Bogey Man if your translate Chamucos to English) you just know that if as much thought and care has gone in to the contents inside of the bottle...there is no way you could be possibly disappointed.


Tequila 30-30 Reposado

Tequila 30-30 Reposado

I have a list of tequila that I'm always looking for, I'm pretty sure most aficionados have one too. It gives me great delight to track down those bottles and finally get to review them. 30-30 just happens to be one of those tequilas. With its rustic styled bottle and an array of accolades, stretching back to 1998, it's of no surprise that it made the list.


Voodoo Tiki Reposado

Christmas comes but once a year, well in December of last year it came twice for me. I returned home from work one evening to find a parcel from Voodoo Tiki Tequila on my doorstep with a bottle of their reposado in it. I'd been itching to try this for ages as I do love an over the top bottle. C'mon it's got a Tiki idol in it, how can you not want to try it?! After a short battle with the wax seal that blocks the agave juice from escaping, the review was underway.


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